Automate your home curtains with a Automated curtain track

One of my favorite ways to automate things in my home at the moment is through the use of electric curtains that work on a fantastic timing system. You set the time that you want them to open or close and the automated curtain track does the rest of the work without you having to lift a finger. Seems so futuristic doesn’t it? Well it is but the best part is, if you’re only after a basic model, then you can usually pick one up for under two hundred pounds.
What model of curtain tracks should you buy?

curtain track

The answer does heavily depend on your budget, they all come at varying price tags dependent on the features that they offer. One of the leading brands out there at the moment is Discount Electric Curtains who offer a silent gliss curtain track. These are the market leaders in electric curtains and can usually be found in most stores that sell this device. They’ve managed to build up a reputation for reliability and pretty much set the bar in terms of the features that are available out there.

How to get the most from solid oak flooring for your home

Solid oak flooring has never gone out of fashion, I’ve used it in my modern home to great effect. By using oak for my floorboards, I’ve managed to achieve a traditional feel to my bedroom while still being able to make the rest of the room modern with the furnishings that I have chosen. I would highly recommend using oak flooring if you’re trying to achieve a similar effect to this.

oak flooring

If you’re looking to achieve your own unique oak flooring style, then there’s plenty of scope for doing this too, simply purchase the raw oak beams which can be bought cheaply bought by obtaining oak beams from iWood from a variety of sources. Excellent sources of reclaimed wood include house renovations and any carpenters or builders in the area that are renovating a house.

To get a truly unique and individual effect with your oak floor though, I would recommend purchasing a wood sander. When the oak beams have been fitted then, you can simply take to the oak flooring floor with your sander and give your boards a battered shabby sheik look that seems to be all the rage these days. If you’re not into this style though, you can easily go out and purchase some wood varnish and get a more polished effect, the possibilities are endless!

Choosing a commercial dishwasher for your home

A dishwasher in the home can be a major expense but in my opinion it’s a household essential gadget that no home should be without. A commercial dishwasher is one of the technological advancements that once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without one. I first got recommended a dishwasher by a friend who runs a commercial kitchen and uses a commercial dishwasher himself. In an attempt to save money during the recession, my friend had wanted a way to cut back on expenses and it turns out that getting professional dishwashers Prowashers was the perfect solution to this.

industrial dishwasher

Installing a dishwasher in your home

Now before you consider even buying one, there are a few questions that you need to find the answers to. The first one is, do you have space? Now I know that seems like a pretty obvious question to ask but you really do need to have the under counter space for you dishwasher to occupy. If you don’t, you either need to be prepared to lose a kitchen cupboard or perhaps reconsider your options.

As with most commercial kitchen equipment, a commercial dishwasher from Prowashers being no exception to this, there’s always a few practical demands that you need to think about. You need to have a water supply going to your machine that has decent strength, if you don’t then there may be further expenses for installing your dishwasher such as a water pump that increases your flow power.

All that being said, I personally could not do without this essential kitchen equipment in my home.